Information for foreign customers

Dear foreign customers!

First of all: We are pleased to welcome you on our site. Till now we offer delivery to the following countries:

  • European Union
  • Other European Countries: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland

Please notice: Due to different rights and embargos we are not able to sell spare parts to everywhere. Be sure you are allowed to import the parts you need.

Nevertheless, if you have further questions we would like to offer you the choice to contact us via email. Please send us your request, so we could help you with your questions.

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To support you while navigating on this site, here are some explanations:

We offer adapters for scope mounts (Adapter für Zielfernrohr-Montagen), spare parts for Heckler und Koch rifles (Ersatzteile Heckler & Koch) and some hunting equipment.

Every spare part has a specific part number. You can compare the numer with the numbers in the manual for your H&K rifle. The download links for the manuals can be found in the footer section of our page.

We hope you enjoy your stay – and remember, if you have further questions, feel free to ask us!

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